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The Buhari-led Federal Government has lately been in the news for the wrong reasons—apart from for the predictable deadpan routine such as Professor Ben Ayade visiting to wave his new APC flag. Before him, the august visitor for whom the APC red carpet was spread was David Umahi, Governor of Ebonyi State. Ayade is a professor of medicine while Umahi is an engineer, both knowledgeable and highly esteemed in their respective fields. I can understand the run of the mill politicians; I can understand politicians who do not have definable means of livelihood… but for politics. From my observatory, both men have done well. I have watched videos of infrastructural developments in the two states. I have seen transformation here and there.

I was particularly fascinated by the defence armour Ayade ringed his state with in the war against COVID-19. If the pandemic later got to his state, it must have been when I stopped monitoring. His efforts were…

Source: Guardian Newspaper