Inflation, devaluation push millennials away from N20 trillion stock market — Nigeria — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News


Why Generation Y are shunning the stock market for Ponzi schemes, cryptocurrencies, betting
• Operators worry about losing market patronage on the exit of the older generation
• Stakeholders want decisive regulatory actions to prevent exposure to harmful schemes

Despite years of stability of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, many Nigerian youths are diversifying and hedging their investment portfolios from the country’s high inflation and devaluation, through virtual currencies, online bets and international stocks.

Already, yields from many invested entities in the last 10 years are of little value to many holders of such stocks today, especially if the dividends of below N1 per share are anything to go by.
The present inflationary trend and currency devaluation compound the woes of many investors in traded equities on the Nigerian stock market, as many shares are currently selling at the lowest possible value.
With the gradual shift from the financial markets,…

Source: Guardian Newspaper