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Life has not been the same for Tunji since his parents called him to fund his aunt’s burial in Nigeria a few weeks ago.

Tunji, a resident of the UK, had in the past five years succeeded in bringing one of his two brothers to the UK and had been saving to bring the other immediately that one was done with secondary school.

Although his parents are alive, Tunji automatically transitioned to becoming the breadwinner after his parents sold pieces of their land in Mowe Ibafo to send him abroad; his brothers were taken out of their middle-class school and transferred to a public school to cut costs in his home.

His aunt had provided pivotal support and convinced the parents to ensure he travels out, and since then, he has supported his family as a form of gratitude. He must now provide for the rest of his aunt’s family, who look up to him.

Unlike Tunji, 16-year-old Emeka has got a scholarship to study in one of the choice universities in Germany. He is due to travel in September to…

Source: Guardian Newspaper