Hardworking folks at Ghetto Badia inspired me – Swag Omoluabi | The Guardian Nigeria News


Ipadeola Abiodun Oriyomi, also known as Swag Omoluabi

Ghetto Badia in Lagos may be a shanty, but the slum is full of hardworking parents who are working very hard to bring foods on the tables for their families.

This is where Ipadeola Abiodun Oriyomi, the CEO of Swag Omoluabi blog, who also owns Omoluabi Logistics and Omoluabi Furnitures, grew up and today he has become a household name in it.

“My mother and the environment I grew up really motivated me. I grow up in an area called Ghetto Badia. We have lot of hustling mothers and fathers that work very hard and smart, those parents motivated me,” Swag Omoluabi said in a recent interview.

“I always amazed when many youths complain of lack of job opportunities. I have always loved to be an entrepreneur right from when I was a child. My mum always tell me, ‘Son no matter the education you have, no matter the degree, always make sure you also become a self-entrepreneur, because that’s the only way you can become your own…

Source: Guardian Newspaper