Tunde Omotoye: Changing the Canadian immigration experience, one African at a time | The Guardian Nigeria News


Tunde Omotoye

Canada is fast becoming a relocation centre for many Africans seeking better opportunities outside their home countries. In 2019, Nigeria – the most populous black nation in the world, located on the coast of West Africa – was named the fourth-leading source of new immigrants to Canada. Expectedly, the numbers have been on a swift rise since then, mainly due to gross economic decline in many of the African countries. Despite stringent measures being put in place by Canadian embassies, thousands of young and skilled professionals yearly apply for visas, hoping to find better economic opportunities for their skills and knowledge in Canada.

Unfortunately, the increase in migration from Africa to Canada has evoked a sense of desperation in many people’s minds, providing a perfect opportunity for swindlers to cart away with hard-earned money. Roadside agencies sell sweet migration experiences to intending migrants and disappear into thin air immediately money…

Source: Guardian Newspaper