‘Young girls, women can be successful without compromising their values’



A woman of many parts, Ifu Ennada is a multiple awards winner, businesswoman, content creator, producer, actor, and reality TV star.

In 2018, she founded beautIFU Ennada, a beauty brand that currently focuses on skincare, hair care and caters to black women. Admired for her consistency and resilience, she is constantly inspiring countless women with her work and life. She recently launched a collection of pre-stretched hair extensions that make braiding and hairstyling hassle-free by solving time and money wastage problems. She plans to use her life experiences and lessons to help other women.

In this interview with TOBI AWODIPE, she talks about transitioning from a reality TV show star into a businesswoman, growing a sustainable career, and helping young women to break into, survive and eke out a living in the entertainment industry, amongst other issues.

Reality TV star, actor, beauty mogul, entrepreneur, and many other roles you have played successfully in the last few…

Source: Guardian Newspaper