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Charles Ighele

Parents have different styles and ways of bringing up their children. The styles they adopt, most likely are revised editions of what their own parents used on them.

One of the most commonly used methods of discipline among parents is the use of comparison. It is a great misconception on the part of parents that when they compare their children with others, it will make them behave better.

Nobody likes being unfavourably compared with another. It reduces the self-esteem of the person being compared.

Parents should not compare their children with others in terms of behaviour, educational performance and other aspects of the child’s life. This is very wrong. Some parents use such words as: “Can’t you see that child? He is very well behaved.” Or “your friend that came first in class, does he have two heads?” “Your mates can cook and you can’t.” All these words discourage children. And this is the exact opposite of what parents want to…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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