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Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis:

US ‘failing’ on Covid
A top US public health official says the country is “failing” as Covid-19 cases surge to their highest daily total in six months.

China tests 11 million
China announces that it has completed Covid-19 tests on all the residents of Wuhan, the city of more than 11 million people from where the virus first emerged.
– Israel’s rapid-test drive –

Israel is rolling out rapid-test stations with results given out in 15 minutes, as the country tries to avoid going into another lockdown to combat spiking cases.

Malaysia eases up
Malaysia eases curbs for fully vaccinated people in states comprising about half the nation’s population, as case numbers fall and where vaccination rates are high.

Record deaths in Iran
Iran reports over 500 daily Covid deaths for the first time, its health ministry announces, as new infections also hit a record high.

S.Arabia to reopen borders
Saudi Arabia will begin…

Source: Guardian Newspaper