Embracing Body Positivity | The Guardian Nigeria News


Dami Elebe, Latasha Ngwube and Temi Aboderin-Alao for The Guardian Life

Body positivity isn’t only about the way society sees people based on their physical appearance. It also recognises that judgments are usually passed based on race, gender, sexuality, and disability and it helps people understand how the media’s messages can contribute to the way people see their bodies, including how they feel about food, exercise, clothing, health, identity, and self-care.

Body positivity can mean different things to people. It could be:

  • Feeling confident about your body
  • Self-love
  • Accepting and appreciating your physical appearance regardless of any flaws

Body positivity can also mean not beating yourself up over changes that may happen naturally due to ageing, pregnancy, or lifestyle choices.

Body positivity is designed to promote acceptance and love of your body, but it can be a struggle that adds another element of pressure and impossible standards to live up to. The body positivity…

Source: Guardian Newspaper