Odua investment and Lagos: One good reason to get married now | The Guardian Nigeria News


If you were an overthinker, you would by now have imagined what would become of Nigeria’s new railway stations in, say, five years.

Would the ACs still work? Would the paintwork still shine? Would the interiors be flooded with hawkers and beggars? Would the glass doors swing open once you give them a gentle push? Would the LED boards still flicker with numbers and letters to announce the routes and fares? Would you be able to do anything about this impending rot that you so viscerally fear? Oh, you have ideas for how to keep the collapse from happening? Of course, you do — isn’t that who are? A true Nigerian of fantastic ideas.

So what do you do with these brain sparks of yours? You tweet them or declare them on Facebook with your entire chest while hoping someone sees your brainwaves. For affect, you may even say a little prayer: God, please help Nigeria.

In the meantime, however, while God gets down to some long-term work on your hopes and aspirations regarding the…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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