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Photo Adesuwa Eworo

The chronicle of Nigeria as the most populous country in Africa has been such that it falls in and out of an unsteady situation and comes out alive. Even with its mammoth prospect, years after gaining independence from its colonial masters, the country is still dealing with a foundational problem that has caused the country an enormous setback.

Despite its huge potential of being the most powerful country in Africa, with unlimited human resources and natural resources, the country is haunted by its past and seemingly dark history. Much of this dark history can be traced to the rift between Prince Kosoko and his uncle, Oba Akitoye, which led to the bombardment of Lagos in 1851. This rift was rooted in the knowledge that whoever controls the waters of Lagos controls an enormous influence on trade in West Africa. Ten years later, Lagos became a British Crown Colony through the annexation document that was signed by Oba Docemo (Oba of Lagos from 1853 to 1885). That…

Source: Guardian Newspaper