Truckload of palaver | The Guardian Nigeria News


“It’s been very difficult to get hold of you, were you shutdown like Zuckerberg’s internet ?’’

“Which one is Zuckerberg’s internet again’’

“The man owns the internet, for about six hours during the week many people realised his enormous control over their lives. The disruption of his social media services for almost six hours impacted more 3.5bn users worldwide”

“I am not one of the 3.5bn users affected by the technical issue that took Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook offline; you know I am not addicted to social media like you”

“But you cannot live without them now, unless you live under a rock’’

“Well, maybe that should be my next move, what do you think?”

“Hehehe, but seriously, what were you up to, that one could not reach you?’’

“My guy, trying to eke out a living and also hustle for fuel’’

“Hehehe, we have exported fuel crisis to you ‘abroad people’; I saw a video of two people fighting at a fuel station. Also read that…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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