One year after #EndSARS, the Nigerian system is still ‘begging’ for transparency, accountability | The Guardian Nigeria News


In October 2020, the eyes of the World were on Nigeria as the #EndSARS protests – the largest anti-government protests in a generation – took on corrupt elites.

The demonstrations began as a movement against police brutality but rapidly snowballed into wider calls for government reforms – in particular, greater accountability.

If nothing else, the protests did succeed in ending SARS, the widely-loathed police unit.

But in October 2021, one calendar year after, what else has changed?

But this past week, The Economist – perhaps the World’s most influential current affairs publication – called Nigeria “ungovernable… the crime scene at the heart of Africa”.

It writes: “Parts of it are thriving, especially in the south-west. Lagos, the commercial capital (which) is home to vigorous banks, a hip technology scene and a flourishing film industry”.

But overall, the Economist finds the condition of Nigeria to be at “its worst since the civil war” with President…

Source: Guardian Newspaper