Costly mistakes to avoid when trading Bitcoin | The Guardian Nigeria News


Bitcoin is undoubtedly the virtual currency with most traders. What’s more, the increasing prices of this digital currency have drawn more people to it. People that bought and held onto their Bitcoins early may have sold them later at a higher price, making significant returns from their investments.

Unfortunately, some individuals sold their Bitcoins at the wrong time, losing high amounts of money. Ideally, an effective Bitcoin trading strategy will enable you to benefit from the activity. High-net-worth individuals and institutional investors opt to for over-the-counter trading when purchasing and selling this virtual currency in large amounts.

The low entry barriers for the crypto market mean many people with computers, smartphones, and internet connections can start trading this virtual currency with a starting capital. Most people that trade in Bitcoin purchase and sell it on platforms like Also called crypto exchanges or auto trading bots, these…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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