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Man is faced with two destinations after death – heaven and hell. Hell and heaven are realities. Man is an eternal being whose soul will never die. The soul of a man cannot die. It is the body that expires with time due to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. The two options (heaven and hell) are meant for man to choose one out of them. Our scripture for today’s consideration, captioned two people that consciously made their choices prior to their death. Choices of eternity are not by accident. No one crashes into heaven by accident or mere wishes; it takes a deliberate and conscious preparation. This clearly shows that whoever wants to spend eternity in heaven, must prepare for it. It should be pointed out that Lazarus did not make heaven because he was poor. The misconception that heaven is for poor people is a ruse and fallacy. Lazarus’s poverty was by choice; it was a conscious decision he made while on earth by accepting poverty.

Heaven is a place filled…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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