Countries convene for pandemic treaty talks | The Guardian Nigeria News


World nations gather Monday to thrash out whether to pursue a pandemic treaty setting out how to handle the next crisis — which experts fear is only a matter of time.

A National Guardsman erects a tent for Covid patients outside a hospital in Kentucky last month. The WHO is hoping that member states will come up with methods to prepare for the next pandemic, warning that ‘the question is not if, but when’ Jon Cherry GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP

The three-day meeting at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva comes with the planet still besieged by Covid-19, nearly two years on from the first recorded cases.

The economic turmoil and millions of lives lost have triggered calls for new international defences strong enough to prevent a repeat disaster.

“We will have more pandemics in the future. The question is not if, but when,” Jaouad Mahjour, the WHO assistant director-general for emergency preparedness, told reporters.

The World Health Assembly — the WHO’s…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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