How continuous learning is positively affecting AyRubber’s media career | The Guardian Nigeria News


Life sustenance is all about learning and this learning can take different dimensions. And to succeed out of these depend on how the learner can adapt to all conditions and raise his head.

This is a world Nigerian media personality, social media influencer, and on-air personality, Adedoyin Ayomide Samuel, finds himself. Speaking during a recent interview session with journalists, Adedoyin, who is popularly known as AyRubber, said that to succeed in life, one should be ready to learn at every opportunity life avails itself.

“What makes me thrive in the market is just majorly trying to know more. I never stopped learning. I do a lot of research and practice. You need that to be able to evolve.

“What stands me out is discipline and being super-focused, and most importantly doing researches. You have to be disciplined to be able to solve a problem although you will have to have problems from every angle,” said Ayrubber.

The Oke Agbe, Akoko, Ondo State-born media practitioner…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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