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By Murielle E.

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), 29th November 2021 -/African Media Agency (AMA)/-I am Murielle. Former beauty queen. Executive. Mother of three. If there is one thing that characterises me at first sight, it is elegance. I’m always dressed to the nines, perched on high heels. I am the kind of woman you meet in the big African capitals. I should also mention that I am in my fifties. I’m not saying any of this out of pride. I tell you this so that you understand what follows

Here is my story.

Not long ago, I was like some of you: sceptical about the COVID-19 vaccine. I thought I would wait, observe how things played out, then make up my own mind about whether to get it. When a friend’s husband told us that he had recieved two doses of the vaccine, I thought to myself: let’s see if he develops any side effects.

So I waited. But everything changed one afternoon in September. It began with the typical malaria symptoms : cold, aches, fever. But soon, I had trouble…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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