Widespread vaccination is the best safeguard for our children’s futures | The Guardian Nigeria News


By Dr Jonathan Awori

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), 29th November 2021 -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- I remember my first COVID-19 patient. She was 16 and I was called to see her after she had been admitted to hospital. Alone in her hospital room, she looked scared. Though I tried to hide it, I was too. I was, after all, knowingly entering the same room as a COVID-positive person. At that time, we knew little about this highly contagious virus, and a vaccine was months away—at best.

What we did know, however, was encouraging for young people. Early data indicated that while young people were as susceptible to the disease as anyone else, they were much less likely to be hospitalized or die from it. Yet there were other costs. Hidden costs.  

Decked out in my personal protective equipment, I remember how hard it was to hear my patient over the hum of the fan in my headgear. I introduced myself and we had a brief chat. Over the next two days, I noticed that she looked forward to our…

Source: Guardian Newspaper

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