As economy wades through another year of sluggish growth | The Guardian Nigeria News


The financial stress index continues to rise just as other key market indicators suggest an extremely fragile growth, data monitored by The Guardian and economists have suggested.

These come on the heels of rising political tension, which has compounded financial risks with experts saying the government may lack the fiscal discipline to apply necessary circuit breakers should the economy go awful this year.

With a few months into full campaign season, there could be a trade-off between being politically correct and taking appropriate economic growth policies. And experts suggest the government is more likely to sacrifice the latter as it throws everything it throws its hat in the ring.

While this could be dismissed as mere speculation, the 2022 budget grudgingly signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari is, perhaps, one of the flashing red lights on the dashboard of the national economic management or a pointer to the many compromises the citizens expected in the year.


Source: Guardian Newspaper