Brands chasing after me because of my feats with BDB Luxury – Billion$baby | The Guardian Nigeria News


Social media influencer and CEO of the BDB Luxury clothing line, Nwaubani Ebube Clinton, popularly known as Billion$baby, says his achievements with his clothing line is the reason why he is highly sought-after by brands.

With over a million loyal and active followers across various social media platforms, Billion$Baby is an influential influencer; an image he has carefully carved for himself over the years, making productive use of his massive followership on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

With most brands are targeting millennials, which, coincidentally, is a generation that Billion$baby falls into, due to their high purchasing power, it comes as no surprise why he commands such  amount of understanding in this business. And with millennials majorly present on social media, it is necessary for brands to collaborate with social media influencers.

Besides, according to Billion$baby, traditional advertising lacks credibility and authenticity, and fails to click with this…

Source: Guardian Newspaper