Jaji Abolore, Boothfest Foundation Charity bring succour to SA school kids | The Guardian Nigeria News


The greatest act of charity is one done towards children, to guarantee for them a preserved future. Much more is their future secured when it is centred on education and that is exactly the drive for successful business entrepreneur Jaji Abolore, who is the founder of Boothfest Foundation Charity Organisation, a South Africa-based NGO.

Abolore, a Nigerian-turned South African, by acts of generosity, is ensuring that his foundation bridges the infrastructural gap in the country’s education system.

Abolore, through the #BoothAdoptASchool and #SaveAfricaChildren initiatives, has embarked on the renovation of children schools, with the most recent being the Partktown Primary School. Abolore has been advocating for support and urging sponsors to come on-board owing to the scale of work to be done.

“To our painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and our bricklayers, thank you,” Abolore said in an interview with reporters. “There is so much to be done. I am…

Source: Guardian Newspaper