Biden vows Ukraine will ‘never be a victory for Putin’ | The Guardian Nigeria News


US President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the war in Ukraine would “never be a victory” for President Vladimir Putin as global outrage mounts over the plight of civilians caught up in the Russian invasion.

Biden, speaking from the White House, launched a fierce attack on the Russian leader, saying the conflict was exacting a “horrible price” and had already created two million refugees.

“Russia may continue to grind out its advance at a horrible price but this much is already clear Ukraine will never be a victory for Putin,” warned Biden, as he took aim at Moscow’s economic lifeline by banning imports of Russian oil.

“Putin may be able to take a city, but he’ll never be able to hold the country.”

Despite already unprecedented Western sanctions, Putin has pressed on with his military advance although Moscow agreed to set up “humanitarian corridors” from four Ukrainian cities on the 13th day of the conflict.

Kyiv has branded the corridors a publicity stunt…

Source: Guardian Newspaper