Islimfit inspires young Nigerian tech professionals | The Guardian Nigeria News


Eshraq Jiad once said that, “helping others reach their dreams and get to the point in their life where they are finally happy with everything is the moment I live for.” Adewale Adetona, fondly referred to as Islimfit, stands true to Jiad’s value, even as it becomes increasingly difficult with each passing day to find individuals with golden hearts.

Islimfit, a marketing and strategic communications expert, has been leading the public discourse on driving the Nigerian tech industry to the next level.

The digital technologist’s passion embodies impacting the lives of young Nigerian entrepreneurs in the industry, advocating conducive and enabling environment.

The Lagos Digital Summit (LDS) convener has continued to launch platforms to deepen the development of technology in the country. Islimfit’s vlog entitled ‘Tech Chat with iSlimfit’, in which he posts insightful conversations with tech experts is a vivid example of what he aims to achieve.

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Source: Guardian Newspaper