Let there be light… | The Guardian Nigeria News


Over time, the electricity generating companies have warned Nigerians of imminent national blackout across the country owing to mounting debts among others. In the last one week, still counting, the nation has been thrown into darkness and the stories on many Nigerians lips can be shocking without necessarily being surprising. The electricity story as it concerns Nigeria is not only problematic but pathetic. Notwithstanding being in the 21st Century and with the huge amount spent on that sector electricity supply throughout the country remains shamefully poor and inadequate. To say the least, Nigerians have no choice than to acclimatise to obscurity when it comes to the issue of electricity. In a way to ease themselves from tension and stress the masses over the years find amusing meaning to the acronym used in identifying electricity organisations. When it was ECN, the masses regarded it as ‘Everyday Candle Night’, while NEPA is ‘Never Expect Power Always’ and PHCN is…

Source: Guardian Newspaper