Election rivals cite costly consultancy fees to attack Macron | The Guardian Nigeria News


Less than two weeks from presidential elections for which he has barely started to campaign, French leader Emmanuel Macron is under fire over his government’s liberal use of public money on expensive management consultants.

Faced with opponents who sense an opportunity in recent revelations about record contracts handed out in 2021, Macron has been forced to defend bringing in companies such as US-based giant McKinsey to help the public sector.

While Macron is still the overwhelming favourite to win a new term, the tensions come as indications grow the vote may yet be tighter than assumed with the president distracted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“You get the impression that there’s something murky, but that’s not true,” Macron said at the weekend, urging anyone with evidence of wrong-doing to report it to authorities.

He argued that public procurement policies had been strictly followed and additional help had been required during the Covid-19 pandemic when…

Source: Guardian Newspaper