Five ways Afrobeats has reduced youth unemployment in Nigeria | The Guardian Nigeria News


According to Global Finance, the Nigerian economy is one of the most struggling economies in the world, with a large number of Nigerian youths unemployed.

But Nigerian youths are turning every opportunity they have had into viable business ventures.

The Afrobeats is no exception among these opportunities. The likes of Wizkid, Burna Boy, Olamide, Phyno, and many other unpopular Afrobeat stars have proven this fact.

This was made possible by the satisfying payment they receive from streaming platforms, YouTube, social media platforms, live concerts, and endorsement deals. 

We shall discuss how far it has reshaped the aghast image of the Nigerian economy and the Nigerian youth. Scroll down and thrill to the beauty of Afrobeat.

5 Reasons Why Afrobeat Forum Has Reduced The Rate OF Unemployment Amongst Youths In Nigeria

Record Label effects
In recent years, a vast number of standard Record Labels have been able to boost the career of unknown upcoming artists to the limelight.


Source: Guardian Newspaper