Waste not, want not | The Guardian Nigeria News


Justice Victor Ovie-Whiskey said in 1983 that if he saw N1million he would faint. Justice Ovie-Whiskey was chairman of Federal Electoral Commission, more conveniently called FEDECO. He spoke amidst charges of corruptive influences caging his commission and the predictable attendant controversies. Justice Ovie-Whiskey said he had never seen N1 million in his life. If he were to behold it, he would simply collapse. Justice Ovie-Whiskey departed earthly life year 2012. How I wished he were still with us. I wonder what he would do seeing what N100 million has become in his beloved country he served brandishing his armour of integrity glittering without stain.

Come with me to Abuja where our national currency has been unconscionably scandalised and political gladiators jostle to demonstrate to us that N100 million can no longer be held in intrinsic awe. It cannot command that awe that it’s due any more than N10, 000 would. They fall over themselves and open their wallets to pay for…

Source: Guardian Newspaper