Treasury managers urges measures to check loopholes in TSA | The Guardian Nigeria News


The Registrar/Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Treasury Management (CITM), Olumide Adedoyin has expressed concern over the absence of safeguards to ensure the effective implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

Speaking to reporters in Abuja, he called for continuous training and retraining of personnel handling the process as some that are saddled with these responsibilities do not actually understand it effectively.

He urged that laws governing the procurement and other things have to be further domesticated.

According to him: “Like every government policy, the TSA as it is a function of just an account. It is not an app, it is not a policy, it is just an account. What the TSA tries to do is to make sure that the government has its resources in place and are able to know what they have at any given time.

“Now the first step the government was supposed to take was to do what we call cash pulling. Call up your resources from every bank into one single…

Source: Guardian Newspaper