Russian Invasion: Why we decide to support Ukraine, Polish President, Duda | The Guardian Nigeria News


The President, of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, has explained the reason behind the support Poland has been giving to Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February.

Duda who was in Abuja, Nigeria, yesterday, noted that Poland resolved to assist Ukraine because it did not see any basis for its invasion by Russia.

Describing Russia’s action as imperialism and a brutal invasion, President Duda stated that Poland is lending its full and unequivocal support to Ukraine.

“We are supporting Ukraine in every single aspect. First, we are providing our support to the state of Ukraine in the defence of its borders, in defence of its independence, in defence of its rights, its international position as well as international laws.

“Beyond that, we are extending our support to the citizens of Ukraine by opening our doors to them and providing them with shelter. We are also providing support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and trying to help them protect their borders.”


Source: Guardian Newspaper