You will never get enough funding, minister tells institute | The Guardian Nigeria News


Resource allocations to ministry, departments and agencies will never be enough, hence prudent management of the available resources would make greater difference between good and poor managers.

This was the advice of the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr Adeleke Olurunmibe Mamora, to the management and staff of the Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO), during a visit to the institute at the weekend.

Mamora said because there is perpetual scarcity of resources in comparison to human needs and want, resources would always be inadequate, calling on government agencies under the ministry to ‘’look inward and stop leakages.’’

He called on FIIRO to take back its lost glory in industrial research in a period when the country is in a desperate need for technological innovations for industrial development.

He advised that FIIRO should play a leadership role not only in research but also in resolving industrial crises.


Source: Guardian Newspaper