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Knutsford University College, Ghana; The Ideal University For Nigerians In Search Of The Academic Golden Fleece

For a long time, tertiary institutions in Nigeria have been grappling with keeping faith in their academic mandates. The reason behind this unfortunate reality includes; numerous industrial actions by various academic unions which end up disrupting and prolonging the academic calendar, overpopulation of students which results in high student-teacher ratio, lack of conducive study environment and a dearth of basic infrastructures like electricity and water, to mention but a few. These challenges have resulted in a protracted strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

In order to bequeath quality education to their children in good time, most parents now opt for tertiary institutions outside the country and The Republic of Ghana has become the place to go. 

In this special report by Fatai Tijani-Alabi, The Guardian is beaming its focus on Exceptional…

Source: Guardian Newspaper