Cameroon: Do you send money digitally? Tips to do it faster, easier and safer | The Guardian Nigeria News


Byline: Imane Charioui, Director of Francophone Africa, WorldRemit

DOUALA, Cameroon, 3 November, 2022,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- After more than a year of closures, movement, and work limitations here in Cameroon, the last year left us many challenges as a society. One of them being how to continue to financially support our families in the most difficult moments. 

Many Cameroonian immigrants continued to help not only their families but the country’s economy through sending money digitally and embracing technology and as of 1 June 2022, WorldRemit users globally sent nearly £75M GBP which equates to 57,753,377,280 West African CFA in remittances through its digital payment service.

Sending money digitally has proven to be much faster, safer and more convenient for both the sender and the recipient. The Cameroonian diaspora accounting for about 4 million people, with over one million living and working within Africa while the rest residing in France, Belgium, Germany,…

Source: Guardian Newspaper