Climate activists occupy Gordon Ramsay restaurant | The Guardian Nigeria News


Climate change activists occupied celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s three-star Michelin restaurant in London on Saturday evening, demanding an overhaul of the UK’s food system.

Fourteen members of “Animal Rebellion” entered Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, southwest London, at around 6:00 pm (1800 GMT) and sat at tables reserved for guests.

They held mocked-up menus detailing the environmental costs of dishes offered in the restaurant, and left when the establishment closed a few hours later.

“This luxury restaurant epitomises the inequality we face in the UK right now, as well as denial of the severity of the Climate Crisis,” the group tweeted.

“We need a dramatic shift in the UK’s food system, and we all need to take responsibility for that,” it added.

A spokesperson for Restaurant Gordon Ramsay said: “Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs.

“However, to force your way into a restaurant, disturbing hard-working staff going about…

Source: Guardian Newspaper