For whom the bell polls | The Guardian Nigeria News


As Nigerians go to the polls in 2023 to elect new leaders who will inherit arguably the most challenging set of economic and social problems in the country’s history, there is at least some good news to be found amid all the excitement and online jostling between rival supporters of the leading candidates. Trying to find out what Nigerians think ahead of voting is now important enough to Nigerians and non-Nigerians that several polling organisations – foreign and local – are putting time, effort and resources into the endeavour.

To be clear, this is not exactly new. As Nigeria’s current iteration of a democratic system of governance which began in 1999, has gone on and on past the two-decade mark, so too has polling become established as a worthy endeavour, even if very slowly. But something feels different about this time. For one thing, the number of polls – using different methodologies – has increased. It can never be a bad thing having different people take a stab…

Source: Guardian Newspaper