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After five years of serving as the Vice Chancellor of Bowen University, would you say that the visions you set for this institution have been achieved?
I am grateful to God because over 95 per cent of goals I set have been achieved. I think there is only just one that I’ve not been able to achieve. My desire was to build a zoo so that any child here in Oluponna, Ile-Igbo, would have the opportunity to know what a zoo is like. Series of universities before usually would have a zoo; would have a planetarium, like a museum where plants grow. You will have plant collections from all over the world and so on. I’ve seen this in Germany and the U.S. I have seen this even in some African countries like Tunisia and so on and I felt like this would be something good here. Unfortunately, the council that I was responsible to didn’t buy that idea. In fact, we had already got a donation of a baboon from the National Conservation Fund. That’s the only goal that we didn’t achieve. They…

Source: Guardian Newspaper