Niger coup weakens fight against terror in Africa: France | The Guardian Nigeria News


The coup in Niger will undermine the fight against resurgent terror groups in Africa’s Sahel region, France’s defence minister said this week, accusing the country’s junta of taking “hostage” not just President Mohamed Bazoum but the entire country.

Speaking in an interview with AFP, French Armed Forces Minister Sebastien Lecornu praised the “strong” actions of regional West African group ECOWAS, which has given the junta until Sunday to restore democratic rule or face the threat of military action.

The coup against Bazoum has infuriated France, which has 1,500 troops deployed in the country and was using Niger as a hub for anti-terror operations in the region, after successive coups the last two years in Mali and then Burkina Faso prompted pullouts from those countries.

Paris has made clear it still regards Bazoum, who is currently held as the presidential residence in Niamey, as Niger’s sole legitimate leader.

Lecornu echoed comments by other Western officials…

Source: Guardian Newspaper