What happened to FCT Civil service commission? | The Guardian Nigeria News


Hold your breath, I have to return to my organic beat, Abuja today because there is a great deal of politicking and even petty revisionism going on there and many residents aren’t taking note. Even the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal’s (PEPT) judicial pronouncement on Abuja without reference to earlier judicial precedents on the same issue by Supreme Court has raised more questions than answers.

Meanwhile before the Supreme Court’s judicial pronouncement on the FCT (Abuja) 25% conundrum, let me appeal to all agitated stakeholders that the Supreme Court of Nigeria has pronounced on the subject before. We can only wait for its new interpretation of the law this time before cross-referencing on the same issue. My only appeal is that Nigeria’s capital, Abuja being advertised as the 47th state has been there as our national capital for 47 years. The capital project is one of the robust achievements in post –independence era. And so…

Source: Guardian Newspaper