BBC Africa Eye investigation exposes xenophobic groups targeting migrants in South Africa | The Guardian Nigeria News


A new investigation by BBC Africa Eye for BBC World Service delves into the prevalence of xenophobia in South Africa and sheds light on the growing network of anti-migrant groups emerging across the country.

The investigation, titled ‘Fear and Loathing in South Africa’, explores the socio-economic factors and xenophobic beliefs that fuel anti-migrant rhetoric among citizens.

South African lead presenter Ayanda Charlie gained exclusive access to Operation Dudula, an anti-migrant group turned political party in South Africa. The group is accused of vigilantism and promoting xenophobia and hate speech.

The investigation reveals how anti-migrant groups conduct regular patrol operations and raids to forcibly expel migrants from their businesses and homes, often illegally. Some of these videos are subsequently posted on a pro-Dudula website which shows even more attacks on migrants. Some of these videos are subsequently posted on a pro-Dudula…

Source: Guardian Newspaper