America’s gain, Africa’s loss: Sandra Mefoude, French Studies and impact an African scholar makes at Dartmouth College | The Guardian Nigeria News


 We see Africans making strides to make ends meet all over Europe, America, and the other Western world. These strides make us Africans, because we always put in our best in whatever we do. However, that might not be the case when Africans are in Africa.

I have traveled all over the world as a journalist, and I see Africans in almost every big city, especially in America and their ivory tower of education. The migration of skilled and educated individuals from developing countries to more developed nations, commonly referred to as “brain drain,” has been a longstanding issue, particularly for African countries. This phenomenon has significant implications for the economic and social development of the source countries, as well as for the diaspora communities in their destinations.

In the context of Africans in America, brain drain has been a persistent challenge with far-reaching consequences for both Africa and the United…

Source: Guardian Newspaper