Togo traders groan as Nigeria cuts electricity supply to West African countries — World — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News


In downtown Lome, food wholesaler Kofidjin Amouzou recently had to throw away around $500 worth of rotting fish because his freezer broke down during Togo’s devastating power cuts.

The West African country has been battered by outages for weeks and the crisis worsened in early May to the point that some parts of the capital have been without electricity all day.

“I’m angry because it’s becoming more and more unbearable,” shopkeeper Nadege Ediyo told AFP, speaking from the dark entrance of her cosmetics store.

“No one is telling us clearly what’s going on.”

Faced with rising discontent, national electricity company CEET issued a statement earlier this month blaming “difficulties in the supply of natural gas at national level, leading to restrictions from our external suppliers”.

Regional powerhouse Nigeria, which suffers from frequent load shedding itself, has limited its electricity supplies to Togo, Niger…

Source: Guardian Newspaper