A ticking time bomb: How poor hygiene, food inflation complicate cholera outbreak


Pockets of cholera outbreaks are routine in parts of the states and often nipped in the bud before they turn epidemic. But the recent interplay of poverty, poor sanitation, unaffordable cost of food, the stark absence of sanitation and hygiene infrastructure is fast pushing the spread beyond remedial efforts, with a major epidemic already on the cusp. As underreporting and difficulty in establishing causal relationships between food contaminations, resulting illnesses and deaths thrive, experts recommend improvement in oversight from government regulators around food safety to curb reduced productivity, increased healthcare burden, as well as deaths, IJEOMA NWANOSIKE and FELICITAS OFFORJAMAH report.

Somewhere in the Agege area of Lagos State, 19-year-old Shedrach Ochuko, approached a popular middle-aged woman selling fried potatoes, yam, bean cake, and others in the neighbourhood. Ochuko, a sales boy, was on an errand to buy N500 worth of fried potatoes and yam on…

Source: Guardian Newspaper