U.S. envoy decries SDGs performance in Africa


• Offers tips to hasten progress 
United States Charge d’Affaires in Nigeria, Will Stevens, has said Nigeria and other African countries’ progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) remains slow, stating that the continent is not moving fast enough to meet the ambitious 17 goals on poverty, health, and equality by 2030. 
He emphasised the crucial need for African countries to embrace data, better coordination and science to achieve their goals.
The diplomat made the submission yesterday while speaking at the 23rd symposium of a non-governmental organisation, Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS), with the theme, “Sustainable Development Goals and their significance in addressing global challenges.” 

Noting that progress towards reaching the SDGs is also off track globally, with only two targets on track out of 36 reviewed, the U.S. said uneven progress had been reported in Africa, with some targets…

Source: Guardian Newspaper