I Cannot, And Shall Not, Celebrate This Bronze! –Odegbami


I am an Olympian to the core.

I went to two Olympics. The first was boycotted at the last minute by African countries.

At the second, I was Nigeria’s flag bearer, overall captain of the contingent as well as captain of the national football team, the Green Eagles.

I served as Vice-President of the apex body for Nigerian Olympians for several years, and as an athlete-representative for two athletes that won Silver and Gold at the Olympics games.

So, I write this with some authority in the field of measuring success in sport.

That’s why the motto of the international sports academy that I set up some 12 years ago is ‘to be the best that I can be’.

I was never told throughout my career, and I have not heard it said by successful athletes or countries or teams, that success can come from aiming lower than the top of the pyramid.


In the process of aiming for Gold, you could end up with a Silver or a Bronze medal, and celebrate it knowing that you have given your…

Source: Complete Sports