Siasia and FIFA’s Draconian Judgement! –Odegbami writes


The news was a bomb.

Samson Siasia, banned by FIFA for life and to pay a fine of $50,000 Dollars!

Who did he kill? That was the first question that immediately came to my mind. You can’t earn such a punishment without committing a capital offense.

That sentence is akin to taking Samson’s life because football is his life, as it is for some of us too.

Why would FIFA destroy the reputation of a former player and celebrated coach, his livelihood and his future for the ‘sin’ of an intention to commit an offense, and not for the offense itself? Yet, even the intent is still shrouded in secrecy almost two weeks after the verdict.

FIFA’s judgment took the world by surprise. No one seemed to know that the Nigerian gaffer was involved in any matter least of all one of match-fixing, and that the case had been ongoing for a long time.

Even Samson initially shouted to the world, in shocked reaction, that he did not know about the matter and was never invited to defend…

Source: Complete Sports