eSports; The Emerging Trend And The Nigerian Perspective


By Felix Chiemeka Nwosu


On October 19, 1972, the first ever video game tournament took place at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab in California. The event was the brain child of a 33-year-old Steward Brand who was working on a feature story for Rolling stone on the potential of computers (through video games) to unleash creativity and change society. At the time he may not have envisaged that eSports tournaments would be racking an estimated viewership of over 350 million or that it would mark the start of a trend that would birth a billion-dollar industry.

Today, eSports is officially recognised as a sport in Asia and will be a part of the participatory options of the Asian Games in 2022. The United States, by categorizing eSports players as professional athletes has recognized eSports as a sport. A lot more countries are also beginning to recognize this emerging trend and taking steps to capitalize on it. In Nigeria, steps are being taken at the…

Source: Complete Sports