Sports Technology In The World Of Sports Betting


The realm of sports betting is rapidly growing and improving thanks to innovative sports technology. In the past, the onus was on the referee or linesman to make a call that could make or break a football game or tennis match. Nowadays, we have cameras, sensors and wearable tech that can be used to back-up the ref with accuracy and precision. Sporting events across the board are benefiting from these advancements in technology, as are betting sites and online bookmakers. More and more punters are drawn to sports betting – gambling websites available to players are vast and various and, thanks to technology like 5G, are likely to become more exciting than ever in the near future. No doubt the world of online betting will benefit from a plethora of sports-related innovations that we are likely to see in the near future.


The arguments for and against the roll out of 5G have been furiously debated in recent months, and while those against 5G have many valid points, the benefits of…

Source: Complete Sports