Football Agents Set To Lose Fortunes Due To Coronavirus Crisis –


Football agencies will lose fortunes in owed fees and face going out of business as the Coronavirus crisis continues to rip through the sporting community.

A host of lower level intermediaries fear they will go under due to the crippling financial implications caused by the pandemic, with agents standing to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more, owed to them by clubs for deals completed in the summer and January windows.

Agents receive little protection in relation to the money they are owed by club because they are not recognised as football creditors.

For instance, if a club is sent into administration then agents are not required to be paid.

Therefore, paying agents is not viewed as a priority by clubs – particularly those whose futures have been placed into jeopardy because of Covid-19.

Sportsmail knows of one agent who has written off a £3,000 fee owed to him from a League One side, because he knows the club simply cannot not pay him.

Clubs are…

Source: Complete Sports