FIFA To Alter Competitions, Leagues, Contracts After Coronavirus Scourge


FIFA President Gianni Infantino has revealed that the world football ruling body will ring temporary changes in the calendar of leagues and players/clubs contracts in order to effectively prolong the seasons after the Coronavirus pandemic.

FIFA, with the guidance of World Health Organisation (WHO), will also adjust and have fewer competitions for the sake of footballers’ health.

“Perhaps we can reform football by taking a step backwards,” Infantino told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“[There would be] fewer but more interesting competitions, maybe fewer teams but for a better balance, fewer but more competitive matches to preserve players’ health.”

The FIFaa boss added: “We will start again when there is no longer any risk to health,” he said. “Nothing says that will he in April or May.

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“Federations and leagues are ready…

Source: Complete Sports