Comparing The African Sports Betting Market To Asia


In light of the television commercials that portray the African continent as a place of extreme poverty, you might be surprised at how big the gambling industry has grown. Not that betting and wagering hasn’t been around for hundreds of years, but sports betting has become one of the fastest-growing industries in Africa. However, it has only begun to catch up to continents like Asia or countries like Ireland.

The History of African Gambling

Gambling is a thrill for people all over the world, but now, it has become a billion-dollar industry for countries whether it has been legalized or not. The middle of the 20th century found more government intervention in the activity, hoping to gain from the momentum through taxation or licensing fees. The rapid growth of the market has experts calming that the global economy will be positively impacted by a more accepting approach to gambling. For African countries, there is speculation that more peaceful relations between neighboring…

Source: Complete Sports